I.G.N.I.T.E. Your Church
Minimum Viable Ministry

I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching
is a systemic approach blending coaching and experiments with a clear focus on critical leadership development for the emerging culture. It allows engagement with alignment in performance and co-creates individual and team vision leading to collaborative actions.

I.G.N.I.T.E Coaching focuses on:


your leader team through Asset-Based Competency Development (ABCD)


up a narrative of concern/opportunity for your community


your Innovative Ministry Model (IMM) driving results


your Ministry Value Proposition (MVP) attractive for your focused groups


the early adopters through Minimum Viable Ministry (MVM) diffusion strategy


technology platforms into Ministry Operating System (MOS) for maximum impacts


strategically by feeding back your evaluation analysis with a clear focus

Coaching Curriculum:
Six Stages of Competence Development

We invite spiritual leaders on a special journey across the six different stages of their leadership development demanded by emerging ministries in today’s world.

Alpha Station is where they begin the journey into the stages, and HyperLoop Station is where the journey ends but is looped back into another ministry journey at a totally different dimension.

Each stage is not necessarily placed in a linear path but more likely interwoven into a net of 24 different nodes. Four treks are available to complete the journey in 12, 18, or 24 months.

Why I.G.N.I.T.E Coaching?

Many motivated spiritual leaders are struggling with an irresistible sense of disappointment, “My church is stuck or stagnant… Is that all there is?” The bottom line of the problem-saturated stories becomes clear that we don’t own the cultural competences necessary to get connected with people we are seeking to reach.

The journey of visiting 24 nodes will reveal what is stored in an RPM Box (Relational Pastoral Ministry Toolbox) available at each node, and it will guide participants to complete action item(s) carefully designed for each node.

In other words, participants will be equipped with the required competence at each node to execute the action item(s) and advance toward the next node. We will provide you with an online coaching platform containing materials for innovative ministry development frameworks, the practical tools, and methods to excel in ministry innovation. We also seek a paradigm shift toward developing a culturally competent leadership team from abundance, not scarcity.

We invite you to develop a community outreaching ministry from your preferred emerging story into the Kingdom story that God wants you to write and to live into that story!

It embraces the startup state of mind and focuses on developing a culturally competent leadership team even when hiring additional in-house staff persons is not an option.

It is a launchpad for starting new ministry projects, on a small or a large scale, and a hyperloop into high-impact ministries that grow in today’s harsh ministry settings.

Our coaches are trained, through real ministry experiences, to support religious organizations that are facing a great challenge, to provide them with practical insights and know-how at every stage of their growth.

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