Church Online Strategy

We provide everything you need to implement your successful church online strategy, including coaching, training, consultation, web-ministry platforms and solutions, hosting, maintenance, support, and more at an affordable monthly membership fee.

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Our Mission

We have been entrusted with the gospel to the digital world.

Migration into the uncharted territory of the online world needs a good GPS.
Otherwise, it could be a regrettable journey.

Avoid the Zero-sum Game

COVID-19 has already forced many churches into a zero-sum game of substituting or simulating the onsite worship. This game will turn out to be “Nobody win, but everyone loses”. A new paradigm for Church Online is crucial to differentiate the online and onsite community for mutual growth.

Piggy-back Ministry?

Church Online is not a piggy-back ministry of the main onsite church. An adult spent about seven hours online in the US. The online is where relationship-building gets started today. Do you want to get connected and engaged with your community?

Another Storefront?

Church Online is not just another storefront to the digital world. No survival in the online world without unique ministry value propositions! It is like a new church-start for people with very different lifestyles and values. Every church is now a multi-site operation with at least two sites.

Future Scenarios

Church Online will be outgrowing in three of four future plausible scenarios. The onsite community could be cannibalized in two scenarios. Avoid any impending pitfalls and bridge the gap between the current situation and the most potential future.

Our Ministry

I.G.N.i.T.E. Coaching helps leaders excel in today’s ministry. To mobilize into the next steps, we provide you with practical solutions and a strategic diffusion process, including development frameworks and platforms for church online.

I.G.N.i.T.E. Coaching

I.G.N.i.T.E. Coaching
is a systemic approach blending coaching and experiments with a clear focus on critical leadership development for the emerging culture. 


  • Church Online Strategy​
  • I.G.N.i.T.E. Ministry Innovation​
  • Web-Ministry Essential​
  • Disruptive Community Development​
  • Digital Ministries

Church Websites

What does your church communicate today?
The website is the front door of your church. The content of your website determines what your church communicates today. The design and the UI of the site, in addition to the content, are literally representing how inviting and welcoming people into the church. The new communication technologies have completely adjusted the way organizations interact with today’s people. This trend is absolutely not only for the young but for the emergent group (85% of the US population).

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Church Online Platforms

Did you hear about culturally online persons enjoy an hour-long online video unless it is a Netflix-buster? Simulating the onsite community is not working. The return-to-onsite amid COVID-19 is unexpectedly low, and it would be the case after the pandemic due to today’s cultural preference. Church Online is urgent and requires a new strategy. It should help to build up the unique value propositions for the online community and to differentiate it from the onsite community.

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Premium Hosting, Maintenance and Support

You will get support from our in-house web-ministry specialists. It is like hiring a professional for the number of man-hours in your membership plan. 
We outsource one of the pro hosting providers serving nation-wide with the advanced features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Free SSD Drives
  • Site Backup
  • Malware Protection
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Talent Club Plans

All-in-One Church Online Strategy with Competency Development and Practical Solutions. 
Start Doing Church Online Today!

One Talent Club


$99/per month
One-time Setup Fee: $645
I.G.N.i.T.E. Coaching: Group-based (max. 8 ppl)
Church Website Essential
Church Online Platform (Streaming only)
Premium Hosting Services
Premium Maintenance Service
Premium Support (ticket-based)
Other Benefits

Save $ 4,231.88 for the first year

and $ 2,831.88 every year.

Save $ 6,919.76 for the first year

and $ 3,419.76 every year.

Save $ 7,661.76 for the first year

and $ 4,161.76 every year.

How Become Affordable?

Partnership with colleges to hire talented students with technology-related majors for their internship under our industry-leading coaches makes it possible. ​
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Don't let the one-time setup fee in your way into successful Church Online.

The collected one-time setup fees partially fund the operations with talented technology specialists from the partner colleges. However, don’t let the one-time fee in your way into successful Church Online ministries.
Explore your grant opportunity!

Applying for Grant?

Grants up to $750 could be available for new church-starts and churches with an annual spending budget of less than $ 150k.​ The applications will be first-come, first-served within a limited timeframe.
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Next Webinars

We host multiple webinars every month. The popular subjects are ministry innovation, digital ministries, and various technologies essential to successful ministry in today’s emerging culture.

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I.G.N.i.T.E. Coaching

We invite spiritual leaders on a special journey across the six different stages of their leadership development demanded by today’s ministries. Participants will be equipped with the required competence at each stage while executing the action item(s) and advance toward the next stage. I.G.N.i.T.E. online coaching platform contains resources for innovative ministry development frameworks, practical tools, and methods.

IGNiTE Coaching

Rev. Dr. Paul Moon

Ministry Strategist,
Organization and Leadership Development Coach,
founder of IGNiTE Church Online Hub

Church Website

Church Website Essential is geared toward connecting with new seekers. Premium Church Website is recommended when you need to promote various ministries happening at your congregation. It is fully expandable. Once the site is constructed, an easy-to-use front-end designer is provided for you to modify the site at any time. 

Church Online Platform

The onsite community must become more authentic by emphasizing in-person experiences, and the online community needs a new approach. Do you want to get connected and engaged in with the culturally-online people? You must develop a totally different strategy for online community development. 
Church Online platform is based on the private social network enabling small group activities, online donation and fund campaigns, streaming, Zoom meeting, collaboration, messaging, document sharing, and more. We help you with launching, migrating audience, growing community, increasing participation, managing the online community, measurement, evaluation, and looping into the next round of community development loop.

Partnership with colleges

We have partnered with eight colleges and hire talented students with technology-related majors for this project called “Church Online on Steroids”. Ten technology specialists have worked on this project over the last 12 months. Each spent at least 20 hours per week on assignments under the guidance of two industry-leading coaches. This partnership will continue to enhance the platform and to develop practical solutions and resources. Keep these talented millennials and Gen-Z’s in your prayers.